How to Find the Best DUI Lawyer in Tampa to Fight Your Hillsborough County DUI

DUI cases in Florida are complicated and each case is unique. You might be facing the loss of your driver’s license, steep fines, and even jail time. You’ll need the best DUI lawyer in Tampa to help protect your rights. But not all attorneys are the same. You’ll need to find someone who makes it their business to know law enforcement’s business and who has extensive experience defending those accused of a DUI. 

Trust Reputation for the Best DUI Lawyer in Hillsborough County 

One of the most important things to consider when finding a DUI lawyer is to look at their reputation. You’ll need to think about not only the attorney’s qualifications, but how respected they are among their peers. 

How can you find this information? By reviewing the attorney and law firm’s credentials, asking if they’ve served in any instructional or lecture capacity on any DUI topics for colleges or universities, and asking if they’ve acquired certifications, special licensing associated with DUIs, or other types of recognition. 

Look for Technical Knowledge of Breathalyzer Testing 

Our team at Russo, Pelletier & Sullivan has extensive experience understanding law enforcement because we have worked as state prosecutors. Through that experience, we have the technical expertise needed to critically analyze and examine whether or not your breathalyzer test was performed correctly and legally on properly calibrated equipment. 

Members of our team are trained and certified intoxilyzer and breathalyzer operators and inspectors. With these certifications, we can ascertain whether the police properly complied with Florida law, which governs the calibration of the breathalyzer and/or intoxilyzer machine used in your case.

Going a step further, we will closely audit the operator’s permit of the person performing the test, as well as the machine’s calibration records. Non-compliance with these important administrative rules could prohibit the admissibility of your test results in court, which may work in your favor. However, if your attorney doesn’t have the technical knowledge or certifications to investigate these violations, you may not be able to find out if your testing was done properly. 

Find an Attorney Who Understands Field Sobriety Testing

Tampa DUI lawyer Christopher Blaine is certified in field sobriety testing and can review the video tape of your field sobriety test to see if it was properly administered and interpreted fairly. A flawed field sobriety test can sometimes result in a reduction of charges, so having someone in your corner who understands these tests is crucial. 

Field sobriety testing goes beyond analyzing the video, you’ll need the best DUI lawyer in Hillsborough County to review the situation. As former state prosecutors, attorneys Marc Pelletier and Timothy Sullivan have acted as on-site advisors to law enforcement on legal and procedural issues at DUI checkpoints. Why does that matter? Because if your case involves a DUI roadblock, any deviation from court-approved procedures could jeopardize the state’s case.

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