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Chris made court a breeze and had everything laid out to have the best possible outcome and keep the stress off of me. I would recommend Chris to anyone who has a traffic violation. I had a minor violation and he took it very serious and made sure I was in the loop on everything that was going on.

– Nick

Chris was excellent! He heard my plea as a free consultation and agreed to take my case. He never hesitated to pursue in clearing my name. Thank you again!


I was hesitant about getting an attorney just by searching through a website but Chris made feel that I can trust him. He was honest and factual about my options and any other alternative outcome. The one thing I need it the most was communication as we were in a pretty tight timeline and not only was he impeccable with communication but he was also a miracle worker. We attained the best outcome I could get in no time for such a last minute case. Thank you for everything! 🙂


I’m Just going to say this Call Chris the Miracle worker ! I dnt have the best driving record by far but Chris somehow never cease to amaze me with how well he works. He so informative and helpful and goes above and beyond to make sure your well taken care of and out of trouble. I would recommend him to any and everyone who’s having issues with their license . This man makes the impossible possible and that why I call him “The Miracle worker” ! ... I refuse to do business with anyone else besides Chris


I am extremely pleased to say that Christopher was able get a not guilty verdict on my traffic ticket! This was even better than I had hoped for. I am indeed appreciative. He was professional and very easy to communicate with throughout the whole process. And even though there was no guarantee of success I felt that I was going to be well represented. I would highly recommend Christopher A. Blaine to anyone that is weighing their options to fight a traffic ticket.


Mr Blaine was very thorough and took time to address my concerns. He was prompt in responding back and very professional. He walked me through the legal process regarding my traffic ticket and presented clear options given the circumstances. Thank you for your efforts! I give him my highest recommendation!


I cant thank Mr. Blaine for taking my case on relatively short notice as my other lawyer was nowhere to be found. I'm extremely pleased with the outcome of my case and wouldn't hesitate to Re-hire Mr. Blaine again for any future cases. Highly recommend, the level of professionalism is a 20 star rating. Thank you again.


I hired Attorney Christopher Blaine after I was involved in a traffic accident and was ticketed. 3 cars were involved and I believe the 2nd car was the cause of the accident so I wanted to fight my ticket and avoid points being added to my license. Mr. Blaine handled everything for me and was successful in getting the ticket dropped. I would hire him again in an instant!


I searched the inter-webs looking for help with a ticket that required a court appearance and after perusing the website for The Law Offices of Russo Pelletier and Sullivan, I decided to call for a free consultation. Chris Blaine called me back within minutes. We discussed the details, different possible outcomes and options. He was straightforward and professional. The situation I was in with what I was going against really made me think there was no chance but Chris remained optimistic. I hired him and figured at the very least, I wouldn't have to appear in court myself for a resolution. I expected the worst possible outcome, however, the exact opposite was the result of Chris’s magical finesse. There isn't words to describe how grateful I am. If I were to say I feel extremely lucky and blessed, it would be an understatement. Chris is more than greatly appreciated.


I highly recommend Chris Blaine’s services. He was extremely professional, and responded (quickly) to all of my calls and emails. Most importantly, he he was able to deliver the best possible outcome for me - just like he said he would.


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